we listen, we design, we execute

Whether your project is a new acquisition or the transformation of an existing site (residential or professional), we offer a complete range of services, from Design to Planning and Delivery.
During our first on-site meeting, we listen to your needs and requirements. After a thorough and detailed study of all characteristics and possibilities, we will consider, together with you, the main ideas of your future project, taking into account specifications, approximate budget and work planning.
This very important first contact is a free service.
The mission you will entrust us with, will take the form of a binding contract between you (the Client) and us (the Main Contractor). This mission will include the following elements, that can be itemized as needed:

Phase 1 :
Preliminary study

Once the proposed program has been analysed, the general organization of the project is created. We will present to you blueprints,sketches, 3D-surroundings. To facilitate your decision, we can present several versions of the project and corresponding cost estimates.
The cost of such a preliminary study varies between 500 € and 3,000 € pre-tax, depending on the project size and complexity.
This cost is in deduction from our fees range for whole mission which is between 10% and 12% of the project total cost.

Phase 2 :
Detailed project

Once approved by the Client, the detailed project is created, in form of execution plans for the various constructions, to offer clarity and good understanding of the overall project.
We will help you to select the materials, coatings, lightings, etc. , and we’ll propose the best products. Technical specifications will be included in a detailed description document for each building trade.
We handle and help you for any necessary administrative procedure (building permit, authorizations from managing agents, from research units, etc…).

Phase 3 :

We work with a group of highly qualified companies that will be sollicitated in order to obtain the best work estimates, quality-wise and cost-wise.
After having studied all offers and their conformity with the project, you will be in a position to make the deals, with our assistance.

Phase 4 :
General monitoring of the construction works

After having established the planning of all works, we will monitor execution through weekly on-site visits, during which we will coordinate all contractors and supervise operations, in accordance to business practices and current regulations.
On-site visit reports will be delivered to the contractors and to you, so that you are informed of works progress, until final delivery and acceptance.
As MAF affiliated members (“Mutuelle des Architectes Français”, insurance company for French Architects), we are insured for « Professional & Civilian Liability » and for « Decennial Responsibility” (ten years responsibility).
Likewise, the contracted companies are covered and insured for your works.